Captain America-The first avenger

While a lot of people think of superman standing for piece justice and the American way captain America takes superman’s ways to the next level. He is a hero who was forged in the middle of the last world war. He is a super soldier born and bred to fight for the American people. All iterations of the hero have him ending up in our time from either being frozen or transported with magic. As time has gone by his character has always maintained a popular persona as the symbol of freedom and hope.

Steven Rodgers was a scrawny kid from Brooklyn who was after seeing the terrible things the Nazi’s where doing in the war wanted to join the military to fight against them. He was however denied submission into the military because of his frail body. He would however be asked to join the super soldier program. He would eventually manage to prove he had the mental toughness and smarts to be the one chosen for the program.

He was turned into the super soldier by having a special radioactive formula injected into his body that was then metabolized by having his body radiated. This would prove to be almost impossible to duplicate because the doctor who synthesized the formula was almost immediately assassinated by a Nazi spy. The super soldier serum would transform Steve’s body into the peak of physical perfection. He would be able to move as fast and lift as much as any human being could ever do naturally. The super soldier serum also counter acts the poisons produced in the muscle during intense activities that cause the human body to be fatigued. He at one point was able to do things on the superhuman level but has since been reduced to height of human capability. This reduced level of physical prowess is what he has operated with for most of his career.

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