Iron Man-Genius Billionaire Playboy Philanthropist

Conceited and narsistic Tony Stark is the polar opposite of Captain America. Personality wise he represents our time in the sense that’s it’s all about me and not what everyone else interests are. He is full of himself and love to have a good time. Everything he has he was born with. From the brilliant intellect his father gave him to the billion dollar industry tony stark has always lived a life of luxury and privilege. But underneath his playboy and drunken behavior is an emotionally tormented character that feels alone and isolated from the world.

The son and heir to a military weapons empire Tony Stark used his resources and genius to develop his high tech armor in order to turn over a new leaf after a near death experience. Growing up with a harsh father who was never there for him emotionally developed Tony into the broken man he is. He uses his fame and exploits as one of the histories most brilliant minds to develop his suits that he has used protect what he deems is best for the American people. He doesn’t follow the rules of others around him and so this causes him to be a bad team player and one who creates tension amongst the avengers. But his vast recourses come in handy when the group needs items of particular value and his brilliance makes him a valuable asset to the group.

As a self proclaimed billionaire playboy and philanthropist he is definently one of the arrogant super hero’s. Robert Downey Jr’s portrayal of the narcistic character has made him very popular amongst the general addience. He is mostly loved by audiences for his obvios enjoyment of being rich powerful and brilliant.  For Tony Stark the spotlight of being super hero along with everything else mentioned before brings this charismatic billionaire to his most stubborn side.

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