The Amazing Spider Man

The web crawler is one of the most beloved heros around. His relatable character is full of fun loving and having fun and enjoying just being an awesome crime fighter. He makes us all want to have his power with his freedom to move around the city of New York and do the amazing things he does. There’s no surprise as to why he’s called the Amazing spider man. He is like any great character a very deep and layered character who isn’t just black and white all the time. This is most prevalent in his somewhat dark path to becoming the hero he is.

Peter Parker is a nerd in almost every stereo typical way. He’s usually portrayed as being somewhat of a loner and having only one true friend. But he develops love relationships with different women over his career as superhero. From the smart Gwen Stacey to the beautiful Mary Jane Watson this hero is never alone after gaining his powers. He became spider man by being bit by a radioactive spider. This usually happens on a high school field trip and leads to some interesting moments of power discovery, especially since they always seem to happen in public.

This is one hero we all can relate to simply because he’s a high school student who was suddenly granted these cool powers. We all wish we could have that freedom and joy that Spiderman always seems to be doing. His character is a very interesting take on what it would be like if someone in high school suddenly had super powers. We would all love it and probably have fun with it. Spiderman does this on a regular basis. But there is a darker side to his character. He was raised by his aunt and uncle after his parent’s death. His uncle would later end up dying. This usually is caused by something that Peter does which leaves him with guilt and resonates his uncles message of great power and great responsibility.


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