The Incredible Hulk

Hulk smashes things. He tears them apart. Everywhere the hulk is mayhem is sure to follow. Bruce Banner is the polar opposite. A mild mannered scientist who was exposed to too much gamma radiation in a lab experiment, Bruce is cursed with the troubling hulk. He cant control the beast and has little if any control over when he comes out. Brought on by rage and or an elevated heart rate the hulk can spring out in the most inconvenient times. The results of which can be terrifying. But as time has gone on he has learned to have some control over the hulk and being able to bottle him in usually.

Bruce Banner was one of the worlds most brilliant scientist. He used gamma radiation to stimulate growth in an attempt to heal damage and develop super soldiers. But during a lab experiment he accidentally was exposed to the radiation and the results were incredible. The hulk was created and this monster would bring about disaster and destruction in its birth. Brought out by anger and stress along with being a beast driven by rage hulk is a big and devastating beast that is indestructible and almost impossible to kill. Early iterations had him being just as brilliant and cunning as Bruce Banner but as of late the character has been portrayed as a mindless beast. This in a way takes away from the comic book perspective of the character but allows a true parallel between the two characters of Bruce and Hulk.


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