Wonder Women


In the world of god like being Wonder Woman is a champion. A character from the DC comics world she is easily the most recognized and most iconic female super hero. Born an Amazonian princess she grew up on a hidden island occupied by only women warriors. Because  of her fierce warrior heritage and magical ability she is one of the few hero’s capable of going toe to toe with superman. This is part of the reason the character is so popular.

After an American fighter pilot crashes on their Amazonian island she wins the right to escort him back to his world and introduce the world to her people. She was given her powers by the Amazonian gods to help her be an ambassador to the world of men. She possesses great strength along with several magical abilities on top of incredible skill that allow her to perform great feats. From her indestructible cuff links to her lasso of truth wonder women possesses a eerie similarity to the Marvel Norse god known as Thor. Faster than most known hero’s, besides the flash, along with strength comparable to that of superman she is very much capable of defending her morals and values and standing up for what she deems important.

Introduced in 1941 amongst the second Great War the character is meant to inspire women everywhere. With her fierce warrior heritage incredible beauty and smarts she is the total package. Like superman in a sense she is in some ways meant to represent what we all strive to be like. Her inspiring persona is especially targeted at young woman of the time who even though they were not allowed to fight in the war needed to be smart and strong for those who were out in the front lines dying for our freedom and our country.


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