Flash is one of the most interesting characters on this list. The fast talking superhero gets his powers from many different effects. Some iterations have him being exposed to a chemical compound that accelerates his cells while others have him being granted the ability to tap into an intergalactic power known as the speed force. Whichever version of this character you look at they all have one thing in common. He is without a doubt the fastest man around.

The speed force version of the character is definitely the most powerful version of the character. Kind of like the golden age superman he is everything you could possibly imagine someone who can move at limitless speed would be. On occasion when he taps into his full potential he gets sucked into the dimension that he draws his power from. This only happens in extreme cases where he feels he must, just like any superhero who rarely shows all he can do, go all out or let his friends and everyone end. It is always interesting to see this character have to deal with being so quick minded and free spirited. In a way he’s as young and naïve as Spiderman. But his place in the more serious DC universe makes him still a serious take on being a younger superhero.


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