Deadpool-The Ultimate Anti Hero

When most people think of a superhero they think of the likes of Batman or Superman. Both iconic superheros who have strict moral codes upon which they abide. Deadpool takes these moral codes and throws them out the window followed by blowing it up with a rocket launcher just so he can watch the cool explosion. Calling him insane doesn’t do this character justice. He’s a loud foul mouthed anti hero who is know to occasionally break the fourth wall. These attributes show cases how you can’t and shouldn’t take his character serious in anyway. The following trailer gives you some insight into his crazy mind.

Wade Wilson was the son of a Military man. Crazy even as a child he took a turn for the worse when his mother died from cancer. He would join the military and show great ability in combat. When he was diagnosed with cancer he, having given up on life, joined the weapon x program. It was here that he was imbedded with the healing factor of the x man mutant wolverine. This would have a disasterous side effect. It accelerated his cancer growth causing his entire body to be scared.

After being deemed a failure he was sent to a secret facility for all the other failed experiments. Here he his insanity became even more prevalent as he was tortured far more than any other human can be do to his healing ability. The cancer effected his brain causing him to become psychotic.

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Batman-The Dark Knight

Batman is one of the most easily recognizable characters in cinema history. From movies to books to award winning video games the human vigilante has played an important role in the development of American movies. The iconic 1989 Batman brought the caped crusader back to the big screen and jump started the superhero movie movement. This movie would be followed by Batman Returns which kept the ball rolling. With the reboot of the character on the big screen in batman begins we all knew this iconic hero wasn’t going anywhere.

Batman has a dark depressed story that is filled with many incredibly murderous villains. From the iconic joker to the beast known as killer croc batman has faced many different opponents but he always manages to over come them with an incredible ability to plan and prepare for different encounters. Shocked by the murder of his parents, which he witnessed, 8 year old Billionaire Bruce Wayne swore an oath to protect the city of Gotham from the evil that took them away from him. He trained his mind and body to its physical peak and obsessively developed himself into the worlds greatest detective. Dressing up as a bat to put fear into the minds of those he hunts down batman is a incredibly skilled ninja and martial artist. He uses his Billionaire status to gain access to advanced military grade technology and as cover he acts like a careless sometimes drunken play boy.

The thing that allows batman to connect with all of us is one simple fact. Batman is just as human as the next guy. He doesn’t have any type of superpowers. He developed himself into the man he is today. Though most of us could never even dream of being him we all know with maybe the right amount of motivation and recourses we could all be like the caped crusader. Batman unlike superman had to earn everything he can do. He didn’t grow into a superhero. He transformed himself into one.

The Man Of Steel

thman-of-steel-tv-spot-2 Superman is an iconic hero. He is a symbol of hope and justice in the superhero world. He was born from the minds of two Jewish teenagers in the 1930’s and religion plays an important part in his character development. Just like Jesus is perfect and a shining example of what we should strive for superman is meant to represent all the good in humans. This is and always has been a pivotal part of the character. Superman gets his powers from the sun. He isn’t from our world and this causes the radiation from the sun to strengthen his body exponentially. He has gained strength as time has gone on. Early iterations of Superman aka Kal El couldn’t fly and could only resist certain threats such as fire and bullets. He was weak to electricity. As time has passed superman has developed more and more power from the ability to fly faster than a speeding bullet to being able to take any type of abuse thrown his way. The question isn’t what this iconic hero can do the question is what cant he do. The attitude of the character on the big screen has seen some change also. In the new movie Man of Steel we see a more serious and darker post 9/11 version of superman. Compared to the light hearted movies of the 70’s Henry Cavell’s portrayal of the Man of Steel is a darker grittier yet still hopeful hero who just like every iteration of the character reflects the way the world is at that time. Superman like Jesus was sent by his father to our planet to be a symbol of hope and to show us what we can be. He grew up a farm boy and an outcast but became the person we look up to. Superman’s character is based off of the best of what makes us human, our drive to be happy and bring forth truth and justice. We strive to be excellent like superman. We strive to be like god.

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