Flash is one of the most interesting characters on this list. The fast talking superhero gets his powers from many different effects. Some iterations have him being exposed to a chemical compound that accelerates his cells while others have him being granted the ability to tap into an intergalactic power known as the speed force. Whichever version of this character you look at they all have one thing in common. He is without a doubt the fastest man around.

The speed force version of the character is definitely the most powerful version of the character. Kind of like the golden age superman he is everything you could possibly imagine someone who can move at limitless speed would be. On occasion when he taps into his full potential he gets sucked into the dimension that he draws his power from. This only happens in extreme cases where he feels he must, just like any superhero who rarely shows all he can do, go all out or let his friends and everyone end. It is always interesting to see this character have to deal with being so quick minded and free spirited. In a way he’s as young and naïve as Spiderman. But his place in the more serious DC universe makes him still a serious take on being a younger superhero.


The Incredible Hulk

Hulk smashes things. He tears them apart. Everywhere the hulk is mayhem is sure to follow. Bruce Banner is the polar opposite. A mild mannered scientist who was exposed to too much gamma radiation in a lab experiment, Bruce is cursed with the troubling hulk. He cant control the beast and has little if any control over when he comes out. Brought on by rage and or an elevated heart rate the hulk can spring out in the most inconvenient times. The results of which can be terrifying. But as time has gone on he has learned to have some control over the hulk and being able to bottle him in usually.

Bruce Banner was one of the worlds most brilliant scientist. He used gamma radiation to stimulate growth in an attempt to heal damage and develop super soldiers. But during a lab experiment he accidentally was exposed to the radiation and the results were incredible. The hulk was created and this monster would bring about disaster and destruction in its birth. Brought out by anger and stress along with being a beast driven by rage hulk is a big and devastating beast that is indestructible and almost impossible to kill. Early iterations had him being just as brilliant and cunning as Bruce Banner but as of late the character has been portrayed as a mindless beast. This in a way takes away from the comic book perspective of the character but allows a true parallel between the two characters of Bruce and Hulk.

Wonder Women


In the world of god like being Wonder Woman is a champion. A character from the DC comics world she is easily the most recognized and most iconic female super hero. Born an Amazonian princess she grew up on a hidden island occupied by only women warriors. Because  of her fierce warrior heritage and magical ability she is one of the few hero’s capable of going toe to toe with superman. This is part of the reason the character is so popular.

After an American fighter pilot crashes on their Amazonian island she wins the right to escort him back to his world and introduce the world to her people. She was given her powers by the Amazonian gods to help her be an ambassador to the world of men. She possesses great strength along with several magical abilities on top of incredible skill that allow her to perform great feats. From her indestructible cuff links to her lasso of truth wonder women possesses a eerie similarity to the Marvel Norse god known as Thor. Faster than most known hero’s, besides the flash, along with strength comparable to that of superman she is very much capable of defending her morals and values and standing up for what she deems important.

Introduced in 1941 amongst the second Great War the character is meant to inspire women everywhere. With her fierce warrior heritage incredible beauty and smarts she is the total package. Like superman in a sense she is in some ways meant to represent what we all strive to be like. Her inspiring persona is especially targeted at young woman of the time who even though they were not allowed to fight in the war needed to be smart and strong for those who were out in the front lines dying for our freedom and our country.

The Hero’s

Super Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. From the Iconic superman to the most famous female superhero wonder women. What makes them each unique is more than just gender or sex but what drives the character to do good and what gift allows them to. Everyone probably has a favorite super hero that they would love to be like. That’s what makes them so special is that we all can in some way or another relate to at least one character. A hero isn’t just defined by what he can do. He or she is defined by there journey and why they do what they do.

The Amazing Spider Man

The web crawler is one of the most beloved heros around. His relatable character is full of fun loving and having fun and enjoying just being an awesome crime fighter. He makes us all want to have his power with his freedom to move around the city of New York and do the amazing things he does. There’s no surprise as to why he’s called the Amazing spider man. He is like any great character a very deep and layered character who isn’t just black and white all the time. This is most prevalent in his somewhat dark path to becoming the hero he is.

Peter Parker is a nerd in almost every stereo typical way. He’s usually portrayed as being somewhat of a loner and having only one true friend. But he develops love relationships with different women over his career as superhero. From the smart Gwen Stacey to the beautiful Mary Jane Watson this hero is never alone after gaining his powers. He became spider man by being bit by a radioactive spider. This usually happens on a high school field trip and leads to some interesting moments of power discovery, especially since they always seem to happen in public.

This is one hero we all can relate to simply because he’s a high school student who was suddenly granted these cool powers. We all wish we could have that freedom and joy that Spiderman always seems to be doing. His character is a very interesting take on what it would be like if someone in high school suddenly had super powers. We would all love it and probably have fun with it. Spiderman does this on a regular basis. But there is a darker side to his character. He was raised by his aunt and uncle after his parent’s death. His uncle would later end up dying. This usually is caused by something that Peter does which leaves him with guilt and resonates his uncles message of great power and great responsibility.

Captain America-The first avenger

While a lot of people think of superman standing for piece justice and the American way captain America takes superman’s ways to the next level. He is a hero who was forged in the middle of the last world war. He is a super soldier born and bred to fight for the American people. All iterations of the hero have him ending up in our time from either being frozen or transported with magic. As time has gone by his character has always maintained a popular persona as the symbol of freedom and hope.

Steven Rodgers was a scrawny kid from Brooklyn who was after seeing the terrible things the Nazi’s where doing in the war wanted to join the military to fight against them. He was however denied submission into the military because of his frail body. He would however be asked to join the super soldier program. He would eventually manage to prove he had the mental toughness and smarts to be the one chosen for the program.

He was turned into the super soldier by having a special radioactive formula injected into his body that was then metabolized by having his body radiated. This would prove to be almost impossible to duplicate because the doctor who synthesized the formula was almost immediately assassinated by a Nazi spy. The super soldier serum would transform Steve’s body into the peak of physical perfection. He would be able to move as fast and lift as much as any human being could ever do naturally. The super soldier serum also counter acts the poisons produced in the muscle during intense activities that cause the human body to be fatigued. He at one point was able to do things on the superhuman level but has since been reduced to height of human capability. This reduced level of physical prowess is what he has operated with for most of his career.

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Iron Man-Genius Billionaire Playboy Philanthropist

Conceited and narsistic Tony Stark is the polar opposite of Captain America. Personality wise he represents our time in the sense that’s it’s all about me and not what everyone else interests are. He is full of himself and love to have a good time. Everything he has he was born with. From the brilliant intellect his father gave him to the billion dollar industry tony stark has always lived a life of luxury and privilege. But underneath his playboy and drunken behavior is an emotionally tormented character that feels alone and isolated from the world.

The son and heir to a military weapons empire Tony Stark used his resources and genius to develop his high tech armor in order to turn over a new leaf after a near death experience. Growing up with a harsh father who was never there for him emotionally developed Tony into the broken man he is. He uses his fame and exploits as one of the histories most brilliant minds to develop his suits that he has used protect what he deems is best for the American people. He doesn’t follow the rules of others around him and so this causes him to be a bad team player and one who creates tension amongst the avengers. But his vast recourses come in handy when the group needs items of particular value and his brilliance makes him a valuable asset to the group.

As a self proclaimed billionaire playboy and philanthropist he is definently one of the arrogant super hero’s. Robert Downey Jr’s portrayal of the narcistic character has made him very popular amongst the general addience. He is mostly loved by audiences for his obvios enjoyment of being rich powerful and brilliant.  For Tony Stark the spotlight of being super hero along with everything else mentioned before brings this charismatic billionaire to his most stubborn side.

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